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What the Best Dressed Cats Are Wearing This Winter in Japan

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Jan 22, 2019

Depending on where you live in Japan, it can get quite cold indeed during the winter. So even if your family cat (let’s call him Sumo) is pleasantly plump and has a heavy natural coat, he may want a little something extra to stay warm when heading outdoors. And, we’ll also admit, sometimes it’s fun to dress up your cat whether he needs it or not. It’s a fashion thing. And, in Japan, pet fashion is a big thing.

So what should your favorite feline sport in the way of wardrobe accessories this winter? The possibilities are almost endless. Especially when you consider that owners of small dogs are even more obsessed than cat owners when it comes to sartorial considerations. Any item or outfit that fits a petite dog will fit your cat, too. 

Let’s shop!

  • How ‘bout a butter yellow onesie that’s warm for winter yet hints of the springtime to come with its sunny color? This particular number is “veterinarian recommended” to protect Sumo’s delicate skin. It comes in a unisex model (in case Sumo wants to wear matching outfits with that pretty girl cat down the hall, Butterfly). 
  • Or maybe Sumo would like some headgear to keep his ears warm, especially if snow is in the forecast. These roomy hood-like caps come with chin straps and feature animal faces that denote aspects of the sexagenary cycle. Never heard of the sexagenary cycle? Also called Stems-and-Branches, or ganzhi, it is a series of 60 elements that were traditionally used in China to calculate time. These days, the cycle is used mostly in astrology, but its historical influence is still seen in Japan and Korea as well as in China. 
  • Or perhaps something in a cape style would appeal to Sumo. This style in red trimmed with faux ermine will be magnificent for Valentine’s Day. For more casual wear, this padded carapace style comes in a colorful hexagonal “turtle” pattern. 
  • Many felines feel especially pretty in pink, although we’re guessing Sumo would never be caught dead in that color. However, this turtleneck, cable knit sweater would be just the thing on cold days, perfect for a “just because” gift for Butterfly. 
  • Is Sumo by chance a sphynx breed? (Not likely, given his name, but one never knows.) If so, he will need the ultimate in extra protection this winter, since he has hardly any coat of his own. We’re guessing he will love any of the myriad heavy coats and sweaters and other cat-warming wearables available. But you just know he will feel particularly stylish in a “tattcat” slipover. What Sumo wouldn’t a little all-over body art? 

Only-in-Japan Cat Creations

We’ve located some additional options for Sumo, choices specifically befitting his Japanese culture. Or at least his Japanese residency.

  • Disney characters are even more popular in Japan than they are at Disneyland. Naturally, no self-respecting cat would be caught without a Disney character cap. 
  • And then there’s Samurai armor. Yes (or hai, as we say in Japanese), your furry Sumo can take on the accoutrements of the famed Japanese warrior, in his choice of four colors. The armor plates are made of resin. 
  • We couldn’t resist just one more: kimono. This iconic Japanese robe is worn by women, but if Sumo has fantasies of becoming a Geisha in one of his next nine lives, he will need one or several kimono in his wardrobe. 

What Best Dressed Cat Parents Are Wearing

Outfitting your cat with the latest in winter wear is fun. But what about you? Show your love for your dear Sumo by outfitting yourself, too. Japan’s favorite feline – Hello Kitty – adorns everything. And we mean everything, from apparel to purses and wristwatches. You might prefer a T-shirt. No problem with that – you’ll find lots of handsome, artistic Japanese cat designs for men and women here. 

A Final Warming Word

While it can be amusing to shop for apparel to ensure Sumo is well-dressed this winter, it’s also important to be sure he is up to date on his vaccinations and eating nutritious food. That way, you can be sure his own furry coat will keep him warm and healthy.

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