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Tips for Moving Your Pet to Malaysia

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Jul 18, 2018

Malaysia has become quite a draw for international companies and expats looking for a change in lifestyle. Perhaps it’s the country’s diverse blend of traditional culture and cosmopolitan sophistication. Whatever the reason, if you are planning a move to Malaysia, you are not alone. And it’s no surprise that you want your four-legged family members to move, too. 

What will that entail? 

Official paperwork

First, you’ll need to learn about all the documents Fluffy and Fido will need – the components of their pet passport, if you will. This is your #1 priority because it can take weeks, or even months to complete required medical exams, treatments, and tests and then assemble all the documentation. In a nutshell, your pet will need:

  • A microchip
  • Routine vaccinations and treatments
  • An import license
  • Country-of-origin veterinary certificate for Malaysia
  • Rabies titer test – with a few exceptions, pets with a valid rabies vaccination must still submit a blood sample to confirm the vaccine is working properly in their body 

But let’s back up a minute. Fluffy and Fido must be at least three months old to make the move to Malaysia. And in Fido’s case, certain breeds are banned. The list includes Akita, American Bulldog, and all types of pit bulls, as well as a few others. 

Unless you happen to be moving from the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, or Sweden, your furry beloved will have to make a 10-day “layover” in quarantine before settling in to your new home in Malaysia. Most of the FurMoms and FurDads we assist choose to send their pets on ahead, so that by the time the humans arrive, furry family members are available for a quick reunion. 

Bone up on the rules of the road

Good manners are always in style, and when you and your furry loved one know what is expected in the way of pet-iquette in Malaysia, you will be popular, indeed. But don’t expect everyone to want to pet your pet. Malaysia is predominantly Muslim, and many Muslims believe dogs are dirty and not to be touched. 

Beyond good manners, there are pet ownership laws you’ll need to learn and abide by, especially for Fido. One law that changed in 2015 allows those who live in apartments and condos to own pets. This may make it easier for you to find a new home, but be sure to check with the property owner to confirm your pet(s) will be welcome. 

We have you covered

Our pet movin’ pros here at Pacific Pet Transport are exactly the folks you want to handle your pet’s move to Malaysia. Experience counts, because Fido and Fluffy want to get there as efficiently, safely, and comfortably as possible. But empathy counts, too. A truly tail-wagging experience includes the love and attention that only dedicated pet lovers can deliver, above and beyond the functional details. That’s us. 

We can take care of everything, if you want. And we think you will. Frankly, it is time-consuming at best to pull everything together as needed, when required, to ensure pets travel smoothly to Malaysia and clear customs smoothly. Besides, no matter how tiny your precious companion, Malaysia requires pets to arrive via air cargo. You cannot ride together in the passenger cabin. So you won’t miss out on any “pet time” during your journey. 

Look at it this way: you’re moving to Malaysia along with your pet. You have a million other things on your mind and on your to-do list. Allowing our PacPet team to provide personalized pet concierge service can replace some of your stress with peace of mind. 

And speaking of reducing stress . . .

An international move is a big deal for cats and dogs – way outside of their normal routine, so it’s only natural they may feel anxious about what is happening. There are a number of things you can do to reduce pre-flight jitters, one of which is to give your pet a massage. Massage is known for its calming effects, and calm is the ideal state in which to start any international journey. (That goes for you, too, by the way.) 

But it gets even better. Malaysia is home to a plentiful supply of salons and stores that offer everything your pooch or feline could want – including a soothing massage. No wonder Fluffy and Fido are so excited to move to Malaysia!

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