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Pet Food Sources When Living in Singapore

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Dec 28, 2018

So you’re going to be living in Singapore. What an adventure! Your entire family is relocating, including your beloved cat, Harold. You’ve always treated Harold to the best of everything, especially in the edibles department. After all, he deserves no less. So along with wondering just where you will be shopping for your own groceries, you will have to figure out where to find food for Harold.

Your furry rock star expects food that is not only tasty, but nutritious and safe. (OK, he doesn’t care about the last two, but we know you do.) You will be delighted to know that pets are very popular in Singapore, so there are many stores that cater to dogs, cats, and an assortment of other small animals, too.  

You should not have trouble finding brands you recognize, but stores vary considerably in their range of selection and pricing. If you can find the brand of cat food your dear kitty is accustomed to, that will help him adjust to his new surroundings a little more comfortably. Harold will need other supplies, too – kitty litter, toys, and treats. 

If you are in the habit of shopping online for Harold’s favorite food and other necessities, you can do the same once you move to Singapore. Different companies, of course, but the same time savings. Pay extra attention to shipping/delivery fees, whether you’re looking to buy online or from a local brick and mortar store (most of which do deliver). If nothing else, pet shop websites make it easy to check availability and compare pricing before you head out to make your purchases. 

Here are some of Singapore’s pet food and supply sources that might meet your needs – and Harold’s high personal standards: 

If Harold is considering going meatless (hard to imagine, but one never knows), Bubbly Petz carries vegetarian pet food. Their inventory also focuses on ethically sourced products. 

This store sells only “ethical and responsible” pet products. They also offer a price-match guarantee, so if you and Harold like their cat food and treats, you can be sure you’re getting the best price here. 

Here’s a store that will get 4 paws up from Harold. In addition to a nice assortment of necessities for cats and dogs, you can score free samples on the shop’s website. With each order, you are allowed as many as 5 different sample packages at no cost. Samples include both food and treats. Meeeow! 

If you’re looking for a location near you, wherever you wind up living in Singapore, Pet Lovers Centre may be your best bet. They have 65 stores, mostly located in malls, and they offer a wide selection. PLC is also considered to be the most expensive pet store in Singapore. 

This is reportedly one of Singapore’s most affordable pet supply stores. They have 5 retail stores and an online site that offers more than 10,000 pet products, including many premium quality, store-branded items. 

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You may want to Serangoon North Avenue 1, which includes an entire “menagerie” of pet shops within one of the city’s HDB housing estates. Like many pet stores in Singapore, these sell small animals such as hamsters as well as pet supplies. 

Harold, Don’t Eat That!

There will be lots of new things to adjust to in Singapore beyond figuring out where to shop. For example, any new locale presents new potential dangers from local flora and fauna. If Harold is one of those felines that tends to taste first and ask questions later, you will want to pay particular attention to his surroundings. Not that he’s going to be roaming the wilds of Singapore, but there are a number of poisonous plants he could encounter, at least theoretically. 

It is so much smarter to learn about these potential hazards so you (and he) can avoid them. Peace of mind counts for a lot when you’re a pet parent. And, besides, the humans in your family will want to avoid dangerous plants, too.

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