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Pet Food Sources in Australia

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on May 22, 2019

There are literally millions of pets in Australia, so if you will be relocating with family, furry members included, you will have no trouble finding yummy edibles for your four-legged friend. Australian cities offer all the sorts of pet-centric shopping you’re used to. Not only sources for food, but opportunities to stock up on toys and accessories, schedule stylish grooming appointments, and so on.

Where to forage for pet food

Your cat or dog might say toys are Priority #1, but as their FurMom or FurDad, you know that daily nutrition is the primary essential. So where can you shop, and what should you buy? Online and brick-and-mortar pet supply stores offer all the brands and options you’re used to, so you shouldn’t have to worry about changing your furry friend’s diet. Finicky eaters, rejoice! If you want to know the top-rated dry food options in Australia, check out this site. There are separate lists for cats and dogs.

Aside from the usual stores, veterinarians can be a great source for high-quality and special-diet dog and cat food. You’ll need to find a good vet no matter what, so you might be able to check both “food source” and “vet” off your to-do list at once.

Has your pet tried kangaroo?

Yes, kangaroo. You might have guessed that kangaroo meat would be available for consumption by both pets and humans in Australia. Or maybe not. These iconic animals are rather more populous than desired in some parts of this vast country, and they can wreak havoc on farm crops. So the government manages an ongoing permitted culling program to help control the kangaroo population. About 30,000 kangaroos are culled each year.

In 2014, a Kangaroo Pet Food Trial was created to see if culled kangaroos could be used for pet food rather than the meat going to waste. The program started in Victoria and was later expanded to a few other states. As of March 2019, the trial program has officially ended, and no one is certain what the next steps will be. Regardless, kangaroo meat has been commercially available in Australian supermarkets for over 10 years.

Does your pet prefer a raw diet?

Many dog and cat owners swear by a raw food diet, rather than offering their pet mass-produced canned products or dry kibble. One proponent of raw cat food says she typically combines chicken, kangaroo, emu or chicken liver, and lamb heart. If your pet is a pooch, no worries mate – this site allows you to search for raw dog food suppliers throughout Australia.

Don’t eat this!

As a devoted pet parent, you want only good things for your dear dog or cat, especially when it comes to anything they ingest. That means you have to watch what they sample other than at meal time. Many pets are notoriously fond of not only sniffing but licking, nibbling, even chomping strange plants. Unfortunately, there are many plants in Australia – in the wild and in yards – that are poisonous. Learn about them, so you can protect your furry companion from dangerous consequences.

Don’t do that!

There are lots of other things you can do to help your pet adjust to living in Australia, and food is an excellent motivator. In fact, you can teach your dog new tricks and teach her better food manners at the same time. No more snatching treats from your hand or staring and drooling as you eat your own meal. Try these tips:

  • Feed your pet three times a day, so he won’t think he’s starting between meals.
  • Hand feed the first half of the meal. This forces your pet to eat more slowly, and each piece of food works as a treat to reward some good behavior (or learn a new move). Hand feeding is a wonderful bonding experience, too. to correct “snatchy” behavior, wrap a piece of food in your fist and let your pet sniff it – only reward gentle inspection, by opening your hand to offer the treat.
  • Just say no to tableside begging. Enforce a down-stay away from the table, or crate your pet during meals.

Australia offers all the pet food sources you can imagine and some surprises, too. Whatever you choose, there’s no question your beloved dog or cat will be as well-fed as she is well-loved.

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