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Pet First Aid Kit: What You'll Need in Australia

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Sep 27, 2018

We heard you and your trusty four-legged companion are relocating Down Under. You’re required to use a professional pet transport company to import your precious Furred One, so give us a call. We can make your pet’s move as easy and comfortable as possible. Meantime, you can focus on getting the humans in your family ready for this big change. 

Although Australia is similar to the US in many ways, there are still differences. And any major move can seem upsetting for dogs and cats. So, as you’re preparing to move, think about things you can do to help your furry friend adjust to living in Australia. 

One thing you should be sure to keep on hand is a pet first aid kit. 

Why do you need a pet first aid kit?

Australia isn’t any more dangerous than other countries. In fact it’s a lot safer in many ways, for pets as well as people. Regardless, no matter where you live, things happen that you can’t control. What if you’re out hiking with your dog and she becomes injured? Or sick? Naturally you’ll want to get her to a vet as soon as possible, but having a first aid kit at hand could make a vital difference before you’re able to do that. 

You might want to do even more, learning pet first aid basics such as how to splint a broken leg or what to do if your pet is choking. This site has several articles that will help. 

It can get quite hot in some regions of Australia. One thing pet owners often forget is that dogs and cats can suffer from heat exhaustion, just like people. That can be very dangerous, even fatal, so you should learn the signs of heat exhaustion and what to do if you see them. 

Pets can also bring existing allergies with them when you move to Australia from another country, or they may develop new allergies after you arrive. Again, knowing common allergy symptoms is the first step in keeping your dear companion safe and comfortable. 

Dogs and cats can get into things, too – especially if they love to explore with their mouth as well as their nose. Australia has its share of poisonous plants, and you certainly want to know about those. If you can recognize them, it will be a lot easier to avoid them! 

Why do you need a separate first aid kit for pets?

You might not know if your pet gets a little cut and all you need is a way to clean it and a bit of Neosporin to protect it. But there are things in a human kit you’ll never need for a dog or cat (just try to picture applying a Band-Aid to her cut!). 

More importantly, human first aid kits are missing a lot of things you might very well need in a dog or cat emergency. One great example: a pillowcase. If your pet is a kitty, she may be scared and get a little wild if she is hurt or sick. Confining her in a pillowcase may be an indignity, but it will calm and protect her. (And protect you as well!) 

Another non-medical item? A toy or catnip packet – something that might distract your poor furry friend as you attend to her, or reward her for putting up with your ministrations. 

What supplies do you need?

You can purchase a ready-made pet first aid kit online, but you can also assemble the necessities on your own. The Humane Society of the United States recommends this list of pet first-aid kit supplies. 

A microchip can be a life-saver

If your dog or cat doesn’t already have a microchip, she will need one before she can move to Australia. But here’s the thing. There are several different microchip manufacturers and associated registries. Here at Pacific Pet Transport, we always recommend that you also register your pet’s microchip with Global Pet Register if you are moving internationally. 

GPR is the only organization that maintains a worldwide microchip registry. So even after you relocate to Australia, should your pet ever become separated from you, it will be possible for a vet or other official to scan her microchip and obtain your contact information. We all hope such a thing will never happen, but if it does, there is no substitute for peace of mind, knowing you can be reunited with your pet.

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