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Pet Cafes in Hong Kong

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Jun 11, 2019

As a pet owner in Hong Kong, you’re in great company. In fact, to say Hong Kong is pet-crazy might not be an overstatement. So finding like-minded folks (and dogs) to share the good times should not be a problem. There are all sorts of ways you can arrange a play date for your dog, and it’s a great way to meet new people as well as get some exercise and learn more about Hong Kong. 

Of course, cats just want to have fun, too. Some cats, anyway. So if your own dear feline (known as a moggie in formerly-British Hong Kong) has a hankering for shopping on a leash, why not let her stretch her little legs? Preferably in a pet store well-stocked with toys and treats.

Dog or cat, you’ll want to brush up on local petiquette before you venture out, because good manners are definitely in style when it comes to pets in public.

Take your pet to a pet café

Leave it to Hong Kong to kick things up a notch when it comes to pet cafés. These establishments are all the rage in cities around the world now, and cosmopolitan Hong Kong is no exception. What is very different here than in most other cities is that your own pet is welcome to join you in visiting pet cafés. Not all of them, but quite a few. This is true for dogs and cats.

Where can you go? Let’s start with cat cafés, since congregating with kitties was the original purpose of these food-and-cuddle parlors.

  • Café Idea, Mong Kok

British shorthair cats are the pet of choice here, with three residents just waiting to meet you and share a cuddle if not a sample of your food fare. This place invites you to really relax, with board and video games to play. No reports on whether the cats are adept at these games, but you can make it truly a cat’s night out by bringing your own moggie to the party.

  • Cat Store, Causeway Bay

Or maybe your kitty would prefer to visit Cat Store (they suggest you bring a leash or carrier). Everything about this place says “cats,” from the décor and cleverly-named Western menu items to the 10 resident felines.

  • The Cats Tearoom, Tsuen Wan

This is HK’s biggest cat café, with no less than 30 on hand for your interactive enjoyment.

Got dogs? These pet cafés do

  • Mame & Shiba Café, Causeway Bay

Shiba inus may be a Japanese breed, but these little dogs (mame are an even smaller variety of shiba) are international Instagram favorites. You can get your shiba cuteness overload at this café, and, yes, capture a few selfies of your own with these adorable pups.

  • On Dog Dog Cafe is not the only pet café in Hong Kong devoted to canines, but it is probably the best-known. In addition to their resident pooches – three Huskies, an Akita, and the requisite shiba inu – they have a cat as well. You can add your own pup to the mix, and he’ll thank you because On Dog Dog Café’s menu includes homemade dog biscuits and other nutritious goodies. Not only that, the neighborhood surrounding this café is replete with pet stores. Woof!

In the mood for a different kind of pet?

Why stop with cats and dogs, when Hong Kong offers pet cafés that can tickle your furry fancy in other ways?

  • Rabbitland Café, Causeway Bay

Hoping for something that hops? This aptly-named eatery is home to a dozen bunnies you can pet but not pick up. Note that this café requires you to wear socks, to stash a pair in your pocket before you leave home.

  • Kuri Café, Kowloon Bay

Sorry, no actual petting allowed here. But it’s for your safety, because the pets are hedgehogs. Nearly a dozen of them, on display where you can feed them even if you can’t stroke their spiny bodies. The real point of this café is to educate people on the realities of hedgehogs, because too many Hong Kong residents adopt them as pets and then dump them.

  • Cafe Animojo, Hollywood Road

You can skip the fur altogether when you visit this “pet” café, which features reptiles. Thankfully, they are housed in terrariums, so nothing will slither across your plate.

Now you know. If you’re in Hong Kong – with or without a pet of your own – you can pet a pet of some kind all over town. And while you’re at it, you can enjoy a snack (or a full meal) and a beverage. What’s not to love about that?

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