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Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Jul 30, 2019

A walk in the park and a snack – two of your pet’s favorite things, if she’s a dog. Cats tend to sneer at formalized exercise, but we’re pretty sure your trusty kitty is always up for a tasty treat. Pet cafés that cater to those of the canine persuasion abound in Sydney, and there are cat cafés as well. No surprise, given that Australia is pet-friendly in all regards.

Naturally, you’ll want to be on your best “dining out” manners, no matter how informal the café. That goes for you as the visiting human, and for your dog whenever she’s your café companion. Practicing good petiquette means you’ll be welcomed with open paws again and again. And every time you check out a new spot (or return to your favorites) you’ll meet new two-legged and four-legged friends.

Where can you sample pet cafés in Sydney?

  • Café Bones
  • Self-proclaimed “world’s first dog friendly café.” While your pup is chowing down on bone-shaped, pet-appropriate cookies and slurping up a Pupaccino, you can sit back and enjoy your own human-style coffee drink made from organic, free-trade coffee. Order up a sweet breakfast goodie to go with it, and kick back to enjoy the stunning view.
  • Chew Chew
  • This is a dog café in the truest sense of the word – only dogs get fed. (You can BYO snacks, though.) Chew Chew tailors homemade organic meals and treats for each visiting pup, including those with chronic health problems from allergies to cancer. They also offer free monthly educational workshops and private consultation with Naoko Okamoto, Japanese Pet Nutritionist and Pet Care Advisor. Chew Chew also hosts dog birthday celebrations, so keep that in mind.
  • Dachshund Coffee
  • Don’t let the name fool you. This place reportedly assures “an exceptional customer experience in all things coffee, food, beer, and wine,” and it’s very popular with pups of all sizes and descriptions. You and your dog are invited to come, sit, stay.
  • Naked Brew
  • If you’ve never treated your dear dog to a just-for-pups raspberry donut, you simply must stop by Naked Brew. Or maybe a carob and peanut butter donut would be more to her liking. For you, there’s toast with kale, avocado and tomato. Maybe your dog will share her donut.
  • Storehouse on the Park
  • With an entire “dogustation” menu developed by a pet nutritionist, you can feel sure your furry beloved is getting top quality goodies here. A couple of favorites with the regulars? Puppycinos and Pawtein Balls. We hear the human food is outstanding as well.

And then there’s Catmosphere

What a purrfect name! This establishment was Sydney’s first cat café, and it still sets the standard for feline frivolity. Created as a safe haven for displaced cats, Catmosphere is permanent home to a core cadre of felines but also showcases fuzzy and feisty kittens available for adoption. Looking to adopt an adult cat? They have those, too. Meow!

But Catmosphere is not just your standard kitty café by any means. You can tailor your human-feline interaction in four different ways:

  • Cat Experience, “for those who need a break from reality and the fast-paced lifestyle of a busy city.” Adult cats are calmer, so you can feel soothed or even get in some computer work or reading.
  • Kitten Experience, “a more high-energy experience for those who need a short burst of adorable hijinks.” Kitten sessions are shorter because they’re more taxing and require rest periods in between (for them, not you). You won’t get any reading or computer work done here.
  • Catflix Cat Cinema, cats galore and a flick, too, on their 120” screen. Catflix comes with cushy floor lounge seating and a complimentary beverage menu, including mocktails and milkshakes.
  • Yoga Experience, because – naturally – combining the benefits of yoga with the proven calming effect of cats results in “the ultimate physical and mental health boost.” Who couldn’t use a little of that?

But, wait! What about your dog?

Cat yoga sounds lovely, but what if your pooch wants to learn his namesake pose and stretch along with you? Here are some places you can find dog yoga in Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. After your session, perhaps you’ll want to relax some more at one of Sydney’s many pet cafés.

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