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Moving with Your Dog to Jakarta: What You Need To Know

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Feb 10, 2019

You never thought you’d be moving to Indonesia, did you? And, yet, here you are – poised to do just that by relocating with your family to Jakarta. Even the dog will get in on the action (good thing his name is Rover!). Read on to learn what it will take to arrange Rover’s international journey as well as what life will be like for you after you arrive.

Moving Rover to Jakarta

There are five key steps to organizing your dog’s overseas move. In a nutshell, they are:

  1. Start right now. There’s more to this than you think, and it is literally impossible to do it all at the last minute.
  2. Make a checklist. That way you can stay on top of required tasks and timetable.
  3. Learn about documentation. Every country is different in terms of required paperwork, vaccinations, etc.
  4. Get his travel crate He needs time to get used to it.
  5. Go pro. The plain truth is that it is complicated, time-consuming, and confusing to relocate a pet internationally. It’s easy to overlook a critical detail or make a mistake. With one call to our PacPet animal transport experts, you can cut the frazzle and worry from your moving plans and relax, knowing Rover is in the best of paws.

Here is a list of the health and paperwork requirements:

  • Microchip that meets ISO 11784 or ISO 11785 Annex A standards.
  • Current rabies vaccination, with original certificate that bears his microchip number as well as the date of inoculation and type of vaccine (it has to be an inactive vaccine).
  • Rabies titer test results that show 0.5IU/ml. This test is used to confirm an acceptable of rabies antibodies in Rover’s blood. Your vet will have to send a blood sample to a specific government lab, and it will take months to get final results. That’s one reason for Step #1 above.
  • Vaccinations for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus, all given not less than 21 days but not more than one year from Rover’s departure date.
  • An Indonesian import permit.
  • A veterinary health certificate (USDA Form 7001 if you’re moving from the US). Your vet (or another vet if yours is not USDA-accredited) will fill out and sign the form, then it must be officially stamped and endorsed by the USDA veterinarian in your state.

Quarantine will be unavoidable, even if Rover’s paperwork is all in order. His stay could be anywhere from 7 to 14 days. This kind of iffy detail is yet another reason to let us handle his relocation. In fact, when quarantine is an issue, we’ve found most pet parents are thrilled to have us make the arrangements, because we can schedule Rover’s trip so he’s ready to be released when you arrive. No delays in being reunited with your furry family member!

Care and feeding in Jakarta

Although pet ownership is not as common here as it is in the US, you will be able to find pet supplies, grooming salons, etc. Be prepared to pay a premium for high-quality dog food. But rejoice in knowing that high-quality veterinary care is readily available.

Places to go, things to do

Jakarta is a big city, modern in many ways but also smoggy and thick with traffic congestion. Not the most inviting place to take leisurely walks along the boulevards with your pooch. Car rides? Probably not. Most Jakarta residents leave the driving to taxis because it’s so, well, taxing. Neighborhood strolls? Maybe. One thing you’ll notice in the city is the preponderance of street cats, famous for their uniquely crooked tails. They are reportedly friendly, but you might want to keep Rover away from them anyway.

Nonetheless, Jakarta does have its dog-friendly side. Around the city and nearby you can find quite a number of places to eat, play, and hang out with your favorite canine by your side. For example:

  • Koi – an icon among restaurants in Jakarta -- has a pet-friendly patio. In fact, there are several eateries around Jakarta that welcome pups to join their two-legged companions for an al fresco experience.
  • Turning Point Coffee encourages pets to join their humans.
  • Vodka and Latte is all about your dog. It’s a high-end pet grooming salon with an outdoor doggie play area complete with pool for a refreshing dip in Jakarta’s hot weather. Dogs-only for the pool, but the salon does have a small café where you can get a cup of coffee while your pooch gets pampered.

Yes, there are even a few dog-friendly parks where the two of you can go to frolic or simply relax.

It may take some time for you and Rover to get used to Jakarta’s heat and humidity, but once you get settled, you’ll have an experience to remember.

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