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It's a Dog's Life in Brisbane

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Feb 25, 2019

Wherever you live, if you have a dog it’s important to play by the rules. Moving to Brisbane, Australia means you’ll have new rules to follow. However, Aussies are notoriously pup-friendly and Brisbane is no exception, so you’ll quickly discover that the rules are simple and sensible. And the fun quotient is high. A dog’s life, indeed.

Getting the basics out of the way

Once you and Buddy arrive in Brisbane, you will have to register him with the City Council. There’s a fee for that, but the Council puts that money to good use. Some of it supports the local animal shelter and the officers who gather strays for re-homing each year. They handle about 5,000 strays annually. Another portion of Buddy’s registration fee goes to support the city’s off-leash dog parks. More about that later.

In case you’re tempted to bring home a buddy for Buddy from the animal shelter, be aware that you can have only two dogs at your residence without getting an official permit (you can actually have up to four, but you will need to apply for permission).

As with most municipalities, Brisbane has a few dog/dog owner regulations. You should “ensure your dog is healthy, safe and properly cared for.” Well, that goes without saying, doesn’t it? More specifically though:

  • Dogs must be on-leash unless you’re visiting one of the aforementioned off-leash areas
  • Dogs are expected to be quiet, not a neighborhood nuisance
  • No fighting or otherwise scary behavior is allowed (we’re talking dogs here)
  • You must have a fenced yard, such that Buddy can’t climb, leap, or dig his way out – you can be fined if you do not comply, and worse, Buddy could get loose and be harmed
  • Poop must be picked up (please!)
  • Microchip is required by law

Let’s talk about that microchip for a moment. If Buddy doesn’t have one now, he will by the time you move to Brisbane, because it’s a primary requirement for his health and import documentation. His microchip number and your contact information will be registered with the company that provided the chip. However, you’re making an international move.

Here at Pacific Pet Transport, we heartily recommend that you also register Buddy’s microchip information (and your updated contact information in Brisbane) with Global Pet Register, as it is the only worldwide registry. Brisbane Council recommends Buddy wear his collar and tags at all times. They also suggest that you consider an extra layer of “loss prevention” – a GPS-enabled collar.

Now you’re ready for FUN

No matter what kind of excitement or entertainment you and Buddy love most, you can find it in and around Brisbane. This place has it all! For example . . .

  • Why settle for a doggie café and a cuppa when you can get a beer instead? (You, not Buddy.) There are numerous dog-friendly pubs and cafés throughout the city.
  • Whether you want to play in the sand and surf or take a walk along the coast, you can check out the many dog-friendly beaches or the Riverwalk. If you go to Sandgate, you and Buddy can try your hand (well, feet and paws) at paddle-boarding.
  • Get your blood pumping by climbing the Kangaroo Point Stairs, or take the 2km trek through Mt. Coot-tha Forest. Mt. Coot-tha is actually a city park, so dogs are welcome – unlike I most of Australia’s state reserves and national parks.
  • Do your part to support less fortunate canines (and felines) by participating in the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk. Proceeds support the animal shelter. Look for it in May.

And remember the off-leash parks we mentioned earlier? There are 135 of them in Brisbane, some for all dogs, some for little ones, only.

Learn a new skill

If Buddy has always pictured himself as a master of sheep, this is a chance to let his inner Border collie (or Australian cattle dog) shine. There is a farm outside Brisbane where your dog can learn sheep-herding commands. Away!

And speaking of new skills, while it is not officially required, the Brisbane Council highly recommends dog training to help Buddy become his best self. Among their training advice? “Keep your sense of humor."

You’ll need that sense of humor as you plan your dog’s move to Brisbane. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of details you’ll have to attend to (while managing the rest of your family’s move). No wonder so many pet parents call PacPet first. We can take your pup’s travel plan in hand, relieving you of the work and the stress. Your sense of humor will bubble right back up to the surface.

By the time you and your pooch arrive in Brisbane, you’ll be all a-wag, ready to see the sights and do all the fun things that dogs and their humans do in that part of Australia.

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