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Finding a Vet in Jakarta

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Feb 15, 2019

If you’ve recently learned you and your family will be moving overseas, your mind is filled with questions. If you’re moving to a non-Western country such as Indonesia, you’ll probably have even more questions. What’s it like for pets there? Is it even safe to move my cat to Indonesia? What about my dog? Will I be able to find a good vet in Jakarta?

You’ll be spending time with your current vet as you and your pet get ready for the big move, because there are health-related exams, vaccinations, and documents pets must have for international travel. While you’re there, ask if your own vet happens to know a colleague who practices in Jakarta. That may sound far-fetched, but medical professionals often attend international conferences. And many foreigners graduate from American or British veterinary schools before practicing back home.

So you never know. Nonetheless, there are lots of other ways to locate a vet in Jakarta. If you’re being transferred for work, get recommendations from co-workers with pets who have already made the move. Look for expat forums online for recommendations. You can also look online for specific veterinary clinics in Jakarta. We did, and found several that might be right for you. Three examples:

  • Animal Clinic Jakarta, one of Jakarta’s best-known clinics, staffed with English-speaking vets and assistants.
  • Practice Veterinarians Gunawan Rahardja & Partners, which has been providing medical care for small animals since 1977. The full-service practice has three clinics around the city.
  • Groovy Vetcare , which features the same range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology you would expect to find at a veterinary practice in the US.

Of course, it takes more than finding a good vet to take great care of your furry beloved. You’ll want to know where to find other essentials for her as well.

Good health requires good food

If you can continue to feed your kitty or pup the same food they have been used to, that will help ease their transition into their new surroundings. We’re pretty sure your dear girl expects to continue getting some tasty treats, too. Not to mention new toys, and maybe a jazzy new collar and leash. (She won’t be needing any sweaters in Jakarta, that’s for sure!)

With a purr and a wag of the tail, we’re happy to say there are plenty of pet supply stores around the city. You’ll be able to indulge your pet to both of your hearts’ content.

Ahhhhh . . . the spa!

And speaking of indulging, your pup will be pleased to know her favorite services are just a bark away in Jakarta. She might like:

  • The Dog Spa. Located in a private home, this place is more than a salon. There’s even a “puppy park” complete with swimming pool.
  • Vodka and Latte. This salon says they offer Japanese-style pampering, so you can be sure they’ll go all out and then some for your dog. In fact, if your little cuddlebug is thinking she’d like to be a different color, you can schedule her for an organic fur coloring session. Really.
  • Zoom Pet City. Why should dogs get all the salon and spa fun? Along with grooming services, this place does have a doggie pool and play park, but there’s also a special playground just for felines. Zoom Pet City also offers dog training, they have a pet hotel.

Overnight delight

At some point after you’re settled into life in Jakarta, you might have to leave town and leave your pet behind. We know you want her to be in the best of hands, so where can she stay?

Perhaps she will like the Savvy Pet Hotel in Tangerang. Reportedly Jakarta’s first pet hotel, the Savvy offers everything from organic food to daily walks and air-conditioned rooms for both cats and dogs. There are other options for boarding as well. This site lists (and also lets you search for) dog or cat boarding facilities as well as pet grooming, dog walking, and pet taxi services in Jakarta.

Many vet clinics in Jakarta also offer boarding for dogs and/or cats. Groovy (listed above) not only provides medical services, they operate a pet supply store, a full-service pet salon, the Paw Hotel and Resort, and the Kopi Cat Café.

So many questions about your move to Indonesia! But now you have more answers – at least about how you can get your four-legged family member settled in, in style and comfort. With that peace of mind, the entire move seems a lot more manageable, doesn’t it? You can enjoy even greater peace of mind (and save countless hours of hassle and worry) by letting our PacPet travel experts handle all the details of your girl’s move. 

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