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Great Dog Beaches in Malaysia

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on Nov 21, 2018

We hear you and your dog are headed to Malaysia. For an exotic vacation? Or is your entire family relocating to Malaysia? Either way, your journey will require some careful planning, because traveling overseas with a pet is always a serious undertaking. Once you finally arrive, we’re guessing you’ll be ready to hit the beach.

Happily, there are not only dog-friendly beaches in Malaysia but dog-designated swimming pools as well. Your pooch will be able to splash herself silly, and you can join the fun, too. 

Beachside “staycations”

Why spend just a few hours frolicking in the surf when you can stay overnight, or longer? A couple of popular options for dogs and their fur-parents:

Located right on the gorgeous beach side of Cherating, Ruby’s Resort has their own petting zoo as well as pet-friendly accommodations. They are open all year. 

The Sea Gypsy describes itself as “a tropical island resort surrounded by jungle with a beautiful, safe, secluded, virtually private sandy beach.” Woof! Swim in the water, play (or just lay around) on the soft sandy beach, watch the moon rise, and more. There’s just one caveat: “if your pet has an anxiety problem or tends to be a little wild, this may not be the place for them.” To get there, you’ll need to take a ferry – that requires advance reservations for your dog. 

Pool for a day

If you can’t get to the beach, you can still plan some watery fun at one of several dog swimming pools:

  • Swim Paradise Park and Cafe, in Kuala Lumpur

The pool here features salt water, a garden, a café, showers, and dryers for dogs and humans. You can reserve pool time by the hour. 

  • COFE Cafe & Dog Park, in Penang

This is an indoor pool that caters especially to older or special needs dogs looking for some low-key water therapy. The café has an adjacent doggie playground. 

  • K-9 Cottage, in Selangor

This dog-friendly pool is outdoors but covered. They provide life vests (for dogs, not you), paddleboards, and pool toys as well as dog swimming lessons. (No, dogs do not necessarily instinctively know how to swim.) 

  • Just Dog City, Johor Bahru

This is a more comprehensive facility. The indoor pool is actually a continuous loop, fitted with underwater jets that improve buoyancy for swimming dogs and gently assist in working their muscles. The pool water is a special “plasma” without chlorine that can irritate canine skin and eyes. When you and Fido are finished swimming, you can hit the café, the playground, or the spa. 

Cultural differences

Wherever you go in Malaysia, you’ll want to be on your best behavior. (Your dog, too, please.) Good petiquette differs somewhat from one country to another, so you can read here about what is expected in Malaysia. Be aware that the country has a large Muslim population, many of whom believe dogs are inherently dirty. This means your dear pup will not be welcome just anywhere. Always ask first before taking you’re her to a public place. 

That said, whether you hit the beach or not, you and Fido have to eat. Here are a couple of dog-friendly places to check out:

This bakery serves breakfast and lunch (they’re actually open until 7pm), with reportedly delicious pastries as well as coffee and other drinks. Your dog is welcome to join you at an outdoor table. 

As international as Malaysia is, it’s no surprise that this bistro specializes in Italian home cooking as well as seafood dishes. Lunch or dinner, your dog is as welcome as you are (at an outside table). Perhaps you’ll be willing to slip her a crispy piece of pizza crust. 

Beaches and beyond -- who knew you could have so much fun with your dog in Malaysia? Let’s go now!

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