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Best Dog Beaches in Australia

Written by Pacific Pet Transporters on May 19, 2017

Planning on hitting the surf soon at one of Australia’s famous beaches? Fortunately, many are pet friendly and allow visitors to frolic with their four-legged family members. From the natural shores of the Golden Coast to the hidden coves of Sydney’s Harbour, here are the best dog beaches in Australia you don’t want to miss.

Altona Dog Beach - Burns Reserve

This lovely pet-friendly park and beach in Melbourne is a doggie paradise. Imagine having the time of your life playing in the sand and surf off-leash with your pooch. Noted for being a great place to run and bike with your pet, be sure to also visit the nearby coffee shop where you can find outdoor seating space for your dog too. Watch the EPA report for water quality before visiting the water, as quality can fluctuate depending on the weather and season.

Brighton Dog Beach (also known as Sandown Street Dog Beach)

Also located in Melbourne, Brighton Dog Beach has plenty of fun for fido. Beautiful scenery surrounds this waterway and beach, which is off the beaten path. Perfect for families to spend the day with their pets, enjoy combing the beach for shells and driftwood while watching your dogs romp off-leash in the shallow waters. Open dawn until dusk.

Tallow Beach

The Byron Bay area in New South WalesGold Coast is known for some of the wildest, yet pet friendly beach and camping areas. Dogs are treated to off-leash exercise on pathways or along the waterways. Tallow Beach features plenty of local fish and birds, including whale sightings. Enjoy surfing with your dog alongside dolphins too, as they call this paradise home. 

Horseshoe Beach

Enjoy the outstanding beaches around the Newcastle area just on the other side of the breakwater from Nobbys Beach, off of Wharf Road. Its a short drive from the resort area of downtown, but worth it due to spacious areas for families and pets to roam free. A large fishing wall lets visitors try their hand at sea fishing, and dogs can run off-leash as long as their owners supervise. Enjoy lunch or dinner at Surfhouse Merewether, further to the south with its outdoor, dog-friendly seating area. 

Fingal Heads Beach

One of the favorites, this dog beach is located in Kingscliffe and home to the famous Fingal Head Lighthouse, this has become a best-kept-secret for dog families. Pets can run along the surf and swim in the cool waters, while owners walk or bike. Cafe owners are known for putting out fresh bowls of water for pets and humans can enjoy freshly brewed coffee in area cafes. Natural scenery and lush palm trees frame the beach, making it the perfect photographic retreat too. 

Sirius Cove Reserve

Head to the secluded beach of Sirius Cove, that dips into the northern area of Sydney Harbor, leading into the Taronga Zoo and Chowder Bay. Pet owners can experience the shade of nearby picnic areas and playgrounds while dogs are allowed off-leash every weekday. Many outdoor dining options are available during the day too, for cooling off with fido after a playful day. 

When visiting any of the above dog beaches in Australia, be sure to call ahead and find out about local leash laws, as well as open hours for visitors. Be courteous and bring baggies to clean up after your pet. Make it an enjoyable time for your pet by bringing cool water to drink, healthy food, and plenty of rest time afterwards. Read our article where we discuss some general rules on pet-iquette while in Australia here.

Be mindful of local wildlife and dont let your pet chase animals or birds. If your pet is aggressive towards other dogs, its best to avoid some areas that are more crowded until you know for sure how your pet will react. Pacific Pets has more information about traveling with pets and leash laws around Australia.

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