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Walking Your Pet to New Destinations

8 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet During The Summer Months

The summertime can be ideal for traveling, whether for business or pleasure. However, if you plan to bring your beloved pet with you, there are some special considerations to plan for. Not all pets can handle changes in climate, temperature, and other conditions that summer weather brings. Additionally, airlines and other forms of transportation often place restrictions on certain types of pets traveling during this season.

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Finding a Good Vet in Singapore

Traveling or relocating to the Republic of Singapore with your beloved pet? It is vital to your pet’s health to choose a skilled and qualified veterinarian in that region. Regular visits to a vet can help prevent many common illnesses and provide support if your pet gets sick or suffers an injury.

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Getting Your Pet Ready to Move Overseas

A move overseas can be an exciting time, especially if it’s for a new career or lifestyle. Many more seniors are heading overseas for retirement too. The Social Security Administration estimates that around 400,000 American retirees currently reside abroad in countries like Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico, and the UK. Planning ahead is a must, to make this as smooth a transition as possible for all members of the family — including pets.

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Best Dog Beaches in Australia

Planning on hitting the surf soon at one of Australia’s famous beaches? Fortunately, many are pet friendly and allow visitors to frolic with their four-legged family members. From the natural shores of the Golden Coast to the hidden coves of Sydney’s Harbour, here are the best dog beaches in Australia you don’t want to miss.

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Pet-iquette Down Under

When visiting Australia, how can you ensure that your doggie companion behaves well and gets along with other pets? Whether your trip will be brief or extended, you are required to maintain safety of your pet while in public. To prepare before your travel, a visit to a pet trainer can be a good idea. This can be a fun way to reinforce proper behaviors in your pet.

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