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Walking Your Pet to New Destinations

Is Microchipping Important?

What would you do if you discovered your dog or cat was missing? Even pets who aren’t prone to sneaking out the window, climbing the fence (or digging under it), or clever enough to open the garden gate can zip out an open door in a second, without you even noticing. Would you ever see your beloved companion again?

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Best Pacific Rim Vacation Spots to Enjoy with Your Pet

You don’t have to move to another country to have a riveting international adventure with your pet. You can take her along on vacation. More and more pet parents are doing exactly that, and why not? Especially if your pet is a dog, she probably travels around with you at home, doesn’t she. Vacation just wouldn’t be the same without her.

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6 Myths about Pet Air Travel

If your pet is about to become a first-time air traveler, it’s time for you to get the facts. Some pet parents just assume it’ll be a snap. What’s the big deal? It can’t be that different from riding in the car, right? Others assume the worst. They’re nearly frozen with fear about potentially dire consequences of pet air travel. 

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10 Steps for Relocating With Your Pet

Relocating your family is often part of the job. It can be exciting, but there is a lot to think about – especially if you have four-legged family members. The key to a successful pet move is thinking ahead, because you want to accomplish two things:

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8 Tips for Traveling with Your Pet During The Summer Months

The summertime can be ideal for traveling, whether for business or pleasure. However, if you plan to bring your beloved pet with you, there are some special considerations to plan for. Not all pets can handle changes in climate, temperature, and other conditions that summer weather brings. Additionally, airlines and other forms of transportation often place restrictions on certain types of pets traveling during this season.

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